Thursday, 23 June 2016

Sacred shores of Maheshwar

There is so much that India has to offer when it rains. When sky open itself it turned out to be the most beautiful and picturesque beauty in the world. And if you really want to get yourself drenched in the monsoon then explore the central state of India- Madhya Pradesh. Yes, Madhya Pradesh is emerging as the new monsoon destination in the country offering amazing landscapes and travel experience that can leave you speechless.

Maheshwar a small peaceful, riverside town has long spiritual significance. Having its name in Mahabharata and Ramayan as Mahishmati still draws sadhus and pilgrims to its ancient ghats and temples on the holy Narmada river.

On one of my week offs I decided to explore the place and then the next morning I was in the car. In two hour drive rain was giving me company. Dew, rain drops, cloudy sky was helping my ride to become memorable.

The town enjoyed a golden age in 18th century under the Holkar queen Ahilyabai.Located on Narmada River bank, this town has always been famous for the incredible beautiful heritage fort and the popular and striking beautiful Maheshwari sarees that are hand woven in the town.

When I walked on the Maheshwar roads almost every house was into this sarees business. Craftsman was busy making the sarees with natural colours and taking the traditional motifs on them which is the signature style of Maheshwari sarees.

The mesmerizing beauty of the fort overlooking the Narmada River packs a lot of punch in a very small area around the ghats, palace and temples-a sort of redefined, spit-shined Varanasi in miniature.

What local tales say: Queen Ahilya Bai Holkar Bai’s husband has died in a battle and she was about to perform sati according to the tradition. But her father in-law stopped her and asked to help him run the kingdom. The town flourished during her reign and this lady of the royal family was instrumental in getting the craft of handloom weaving to Maheshwar.

The mighty fort complex and the glorious temples inside the Maheshwar fort elegantly stand on the serene ghats of river Narmada. The scenic view is a delight for the soul.

I dipped my feet in the holy river and sat back, relax and absord tranquility vibes coming from these ghats. Check out the flavor of the dish I am talking about through my lens.

Ahilya Bai Palace entry

Rani Ahilya Bai's statue


It was like a harmonious pleasure to feel the soothing breeze in my hair. And yes thank god it rained so that I can feel the music of rain. A special energy envelops at the ghats watching the cheerful and delighted faces of children jumping in the river. Sipping cold lemon water available around the ghats will be adding to the feel of the overall enjoyment.


Closer view of the design found on traditional Maheshwari sarees

River Narmada

Taking forward my journey I got a chance to meet the local weavers. When you will enter their house you can hear the continuous clacking of the wooden looms. The local craftsman will help you understand how they weave these colourful threads and create beautiful sarees.

Weaver making saree


I shopped some beautiful sarees for myself and take a walk in streets of the city. Maheshwar will always going to remain in the heart for its splendid and friendly nature. 


Ahilya Bai Palace