Saturday, 12 December 2015

Mandu: A saga of love

The Madhya Pradesh being heart of India can be a perfect holiday place. And I was newly posted to its commercial capital Indore, which is even called mini Mumbai. Being new to the place I hardly know about the surroundings but I have heard about the historical places which surrounds this city. On my weekly off I decided to visit the historical Mandu.

I had hired a car. At 5:00 am in morning started my short trip, it was bit cold as it had rained last night. The whole weather outside was very beautiful and fresh. The mist can be felt with the winds passing by. Sun was hiding under the black clouds. The August month is witnessed as the rainy or you can say the rainy month starts. Roads were wet and smell of wet earth was making the journey beautiful. 
The road from Indore to Mandu was good enough and there were fewer jerks. The car was moving on good speed. As I have started so at some eating joints our car stopped. I had breakfast and tea. It’s not very long journey. Heading towards Mandu I witnessed all moods of weather. Sometime it started raining and sometime the wind was just so lovely. As the place was coming nearer the green lush and huge mountains covered with all greenery was making me feel excited.Mandu greenery and beautiful landscape welcomes travellers with open arms. 

The first place we visited at Mandu was Rani Roopmati mahal. The roads going towards the mahal was so amazing. All rounds and cuts were between the mountains. Green wet mountains and white tuft clouds were making it perfect picturesque. At first site I fall in love with this place. I had heard that Mandu should be visited in rainy season. The pleasant weather and attractive scenery makes place a perfect holiday spot. 

There is also an interesting story behind this place. Baz Bhadur, king of Mandu had built a palace on the peak so Rani Roopmati can see river Narmada from there. There are many more stories which go with the palace. It is also said that she used to go there to meet her lover. View from this palace leaves spell bound, continuous blowing winds with fog and small water droplets is just so refreshing. 
Mist covering green mountains, green bushes, open field makes place prefect. Top view from the place was retreat for the eyes. The palace or you can say pavilion is very beautiful, telling the love story of Baz Bhadur and Rani Roopmati. The long pavilion covers whole palace. The pavilion offers a spectacular sunset view. It is also said that some time ago the view of Narmada was very clear but with time the river has shifted and so the view. The whole palace has long pavilion and winds crossing from all directions. I don’t want to come back, the air was so fresh, and feeling of relaxation from the hustle and bustle of daily life was making me lazy. 
With a sad mind I started to walk down to see other places. Coming down I visited Baz Bhadur palace. From his palace water was supplied to Rani Roopmati palace. Brown, fungi, typical rainy smell was present inside the palace. But it is again a beautiful place to see and enjoy. The another exciting place which I saw was Jahaz Mahal or ship mahal, as it name suggest it looks like the same. The palace is in between two lakes and looks like the there is ship which is floating. The palace was built by Sultan Ghiyas-ud-din-Khilji. 

In Madhya Pradesh any place is beautiful during rainy season. But must say Mandu beauty left me spellbound. The clouds were so clear, transparent and white. The misty fog with small drops of rain coming from anywhere was among the different moods of Mandu.


  1. Hav heard abot mandu in UNI while editing but ddn know it is so beautiful. Nice piece and presentation too well. Keep writing..

  2. Hav heard abot mandu in UNI while editing but ddn know it is so beautiful. Nice piece and presentation too well. Keep writing..

  3. After reading your article, will definitely like to explore the place now...